Vision and Mission

Our vision is to create a dynamic environment where museums provide authentic, meaningful and engaging experiences to immigrant communities and where learning, enjoyment and civic engagement support the development of the individual’s voice.

Our Mission is to serve as a national model and catalyst for the empowerment of adult immigrants and their families through the development of collaborations amongst museums, institutions of higher education and literacy organizations. To support systemic change that transforms museums into powerful learning spaces for adult immigrants. To be a vehicle to strengthen the immigrant’s voice by encouraging the development of their academic, social, cultural and civic capital.

1. CALTA21 is a model initiative developed for and by the immigrant community. It is implemented in institutions of higher education, community based organizations, and art museums. The core of this initiative provides meaningful and relevant experiences by virtue of CALTA21’s Identity, Portraiture and Photography curriculum. It also aims to build resources for professionals who work with immigrant communities and to become a portal for dialogue among the different participants.

2. CALTA21 is designed to promote the development and validation of the immigrant’s voice in order to foster civic engagement and empowerment. This initiative will focus its efforts on promoting the immigrants’ identity and on working with immigrant communities to create a culture of empowerment through the development of English language and critical thinking skills. In addition, this effort will endeavor to build social, cultural and civic capital for these communities.

3. CALTA21 supports the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) goals to diversify museum audiences by transforming museums into welcoming spaces that provide meaningful experiences to diverse communities. CALTA21’s goal is to nurture immigrants’ lifelong engagement with museums.

4. CALTA21’s goals align with the Institute of Museum and Library Services’ (IMLS) goals of access, inclusion and the development of 21st century skills by providing opportunities for meaningful experiences and access to museums, culture and language.